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Hi Everyone, Donna got a Bingo last night, So it's on to the Bonus Game, We are playing letter-E.gif The Letter E

Here are your #s for tonight>


G-49  O-70  B-5  I-18  N-45


B-10  I-22  N-35  G-59  O-72


I-30  B-2  N-41


GOOD LUCK, I'll check back in a bit, Are any of you having a problem logging in, SassiLady can not log in, every now and then AARP will ask us to log in, well the moving security letters, that you have to copy are not showing up for her.. So she won't be joining us, See you later, Jen

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Lordy what a week! I had no trouble getting my laptop to use the hotel WIFI connection, but couldn't get my tablet to cooperate. Then AARP must have a bee in their bonnet because they did one of those stupid things like asking me to log in. I NEVER log out so I don't know what their reason for asking us to do this periodically. I use my laptop as I haven't had a desktop for a year and a half now. So, here I was and when I tried to log in on Tuesday evening the log in had no letters moving or otherwise in the idiot box. Never had that problem before. Also, I hadn't been  able to get my tablet to connect to the wifi. This morning I got disgusted and tried to get my tablet online again. VOILA! So, I tried AARP again and they made me reset my password by sending me a link in my email. Hooray, here I am.

Congratulations to Donna on winning the regular game.

Now I have to hurry off and get to my lawyer appointment which is the whole reason I am here in Panama City, FL.

See you tonight.

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Everyone thank you for the congrats. I ONLY use my PC for AARP. My tablet is a Kindle Fire and

sometimes it acts up so I gave up. LOL. I am enjoying all you ladies so much. I am in So we are due for rain which will lower the temps. It has been just too too hot.

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Congratulations to Donna on winning the straight bingo.

I use my desktop computer to access this site. However, I don't sign/log out. Every couple to three days, I would shut down my computer (not log out) for its well being. (My computer guru nephew told me that digital equipment for personal use, like cell phones and computers, needs to rest once in a while by shutting it down completely for at least an hour. )

When y'all had your glitches last week I was totally ignorant to it.
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Congrats Donna!! No trouble signing in tonight

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Congratulations to Donna 🎉🎉 I always use my phone and never logged out but sometimes when I do have to login those security letters are never there on my phone and I have to go thru a lot to get back in. Got a few more numbers today for the letter E.

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