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Hi Everyone, SassiLady was our Winner last night, so we move on to the Bonus Game, we are playing mountains%20high,%20valleys%20low.jpg Mountains High, Valleys Low, here are the numbers for tonight>


B-11  B-5  N-31  N-40


I-16  I-26  G-53  G-59


O-69  O-74  B-15  G-50


GOOD LUCK, I'll check back soon, Jen

Honored Social Butterfly

I got one lonely number tonight so will just wait for tomorrow.

Good luck everyone.

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No mountains or valleys for me this evening. I had a virtual meeting with the local community college, we will be doing virtual classes in the Spring and possibly in the fall. This means no craft classes for the Seniors. I am trying to set up a virtual class we I can teach knitting and also use it as a socializing with seniors, as there are seniors that are having problems coping during this time. I am a retired psych. nurse so I volunteer to do it, but we have to get the approval of the powers to be. 

The weather was great today and will continue for the rest of the week. See you all tomorrow. 

Charonanne E Kading
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The valleys are taken care of.  The mountains still need more creation.  Two more days to get this done!

Honored Social Butterfly

Congratulations to SassiLady 🎉 I didn't get any of the numbers I need, good luck to the rest of you.

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