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Wed May 5th Welcome To Our Bonus Game

Hi Everyone, Turned out to be a nice sunny day.

SassiLady was our winner last night, so we are playing a Bonus Game > 4 Postage Stamps, No N's are in play.

clover-leaf.gif Here are the numbers for tonight>

B-2  B-10  I-16  I-26

G-48  G-60  O-61  O-73

I-18  G-50  B-7  O-65


GOOD LUCK, I'll be back soon, Jen



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Anyone has any cure for a lethargic bingo card?  Mine barely took in 2 numbers out of the 12 Jen called today. 

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Prisonnurse, I am so glad everything went okay. The last time they tried to go through my arm it would go as far as my elbow and the darn thing curled and wouldn't go any further, so they had to take it out, start over and go through my groin. I had a sore arm for nothing.

I got a few more numbers tonight. Good luck everyone.

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Congrats to SassiLady 🎉 my numbers just won't land in the right place.

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Congrats to SassiLady for her. my procedure was a successful the doctor found out that the stent they put 16 years ago is still working. 

The doctor inject a dye into my heart to find out why only 40% is working. I see the doctor next week and hopefully he will have some answers. 

i am typing with one hand as my right arm is where they did the procedure and can't use my right hand for next 3 days.

You all take and stay safe and strong.


Charonanne E Kading