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Wed May 2nd Our Bingo Game Continues

Hi Everyone, Well it really feels like summer outside, thankful for the breeze that's blowing, really don't want to turn on the AC yet, but with the high temps they are talking about may have to..

Here are your numbers for today>


B-5  I-24  G-58  N-35  O-63


G-50  B-13  N-39  O-71  I-21


B-11  O-66  N-38


GOOD LUCK, I'll be back in a bit to check, Jen

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3 numbers tonight but nothing goes together but I see congradulation to FoxLady are in order nice and three bingo wow maybe you could of shared Ha!Ha!See you all tomorrow and we have bad rain stroms coming tonight and tomorrow.

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At least I got numbers tonight, not like last night with nothing. Congrats to our winner. See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
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You can take the horse to the water, but you can't make it drink. Nor can I make the numbers connect up into a winning pattern. So I end up with 5 possibilities.
Congratulations to ladyfox58, whom I have at one point renamed LadyLuck when she hit a bingo every week for a long running stretch.
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Congrats Ladyfox!!! No win for me.  We have had chilly weather all day & now the rain is really here this evening.

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Jen I think I have 3 Bingo's on Card# 102 B - 13, I - 24, Free G -54, O - 66 and B - 5, I - 17, Free, G - 48, O - 63 and  Four corners B - 13, 5, O - 63, 66

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CONGRATULATIONS ! Yes you do, Three Bingo's

YOU ARE THE Lucky Ladyfox58 !Lucky Ladyfox58 ! WAY TO GO !

bingo trophy new.jpg

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I'm waiting for one ..there's always tomorrow...
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I missed getting here last night but for the life of me I don't remember why. Anyway, no bingo for me but I have a wait and this is the third day of this game and I have had 4 numbers each day.


We are having great weather comfortable even in the low 80's as the humidity has been down and it has been breezy.

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