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Wed May 12th Welcome To the BONUS GAME

Hi Everyone, Started out cool here then warmed up, got to check out the flower beds, and get rid of some of those maple seeds that fall here and yon.

SassiLady was our Winner last night, it's time for the Bonus Game, We are playing >mountains%20high,%20valleys%20low.jpg

Mountains High, Valley's Low.


Here are the numbers for tonight>


O-66  O-70  G-49  O-74


B-10  B-7  I-27  I-22


G-53  B-1  N-41  N-32


GOOD LUCK, I'll be back soon, Jen

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Wow, where is everyone. I got one number tonight. Good luck everyone.

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Congrats to our winner of regular game 🎉I got a few numbers to match.

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@jen43  How do you get a bingo card if you want to play?  Christine

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Upside-down W and right-side-up W game!  We haven't played this for quite a while. Good luck everyone.  Sassilady should have a really good start.