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Wed March 24th Our Bingo Game Continues

Hi Everyone, Hope the sun was shining on you, I'm calling an extra O for you, to make up for my boo boo.and that bogus G on Mon, was N-32, it's said "To err is human? I must be Superhuman !

Here are the numbers for tonight>


O-73  , O-66  I-23  G-59  B-7


B-10  I-17  N-31  O-70  G-46


I-21  G-48  N-45 I-30


GOOD LUCK, I'ii be back soon, Jen

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Hello Bingo Buddies!

Congratulations to Bingo and Double Bingo winners. I have not seen a term for that. I have Double Reach but no Bingo. 😕 Whoever sent the rain this way, you’re not funny! Sun and 70 for tomorrow though. @jen43 you’re our Wonder Woman!

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Congratulations to convertiblegal, prisonnurse, TheSuzyQ and ladyfox. WTG ladies.

Yes we had sunshine more than clouds, no I don't have a bingo yet.

Goodluck to everyone in the bonus game.

No name for a double bingo that I have ever heard. Anyone else?

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I'm joining the others with a Bingo on Card #15, B - 6, I - 30, Free, G - 48, O - 73 and across the Top row I have B -7, I -16, N -41, G -50 and O -73

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This is a Good Bingo ladyfox58 !

And 2 Bingo's for you !

congrats.jpg  You are the 4th Winner  !

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Bingo Card 25

B-4 I-21 N-38 G-59 O-70

B-6 I-19 N-41 G-50 O-66


Is there a name for Double Bingo?! 🙂 


Bingo #625.jpg

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Look at you Suzy, 2 Bingo's ! Shazam !

You are the 3rd WINNER !

celebration-balloons.jpg WOW !

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To err is human, indeed. 

Jen, you have a monumental task to call numbers everyday, and to make the game last as long as possible.  I can't do it as well as you do, that's for sure  So, why do I let you know when I detect a repeat, or a mistyped number?  To milk you for another number that might help my game.  And that's the truth.

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Good evening everyone. I have a Bingo on Card #18 B 12, I 23, N 44, G 56, O 73.

I am waiting for the pending thunderstorm that is about an hour away, and I am hoping we don't get any hail with it. There is a tornado warning just to the south of me, but I don't think I will get that one.

Congrats too convertiblegal55 for her win. I am suppose to be at church but with the bad weather I decided to stay home. 

You all take care and stay safe and healthy.

Charonanne E Kading
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This is a Good Bingo prisonnurse06 !

You are the 2nd WINNER !

Bingo%204.jpg Good job, Stay safe in that bad weather.

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Bingo Card 20

B 12, I 28, N 38, G 59, O 69


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Convertiblegal, This is a Good Bingo !

You are the 1st WINNER !

bingo%20trophy%20new.jpg  WAY TO GO Sandy !

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