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Hi Everyone, Another cool day, which turned very warm, however they are talking some major rain moving in, well heck, if it's not one thing it's another..!

Here are the numbers for tonight>


B-8  N-36  I-29  G-54  O -61

O-75  G-60  B-11  N-31  I-20

B-1  O-65  I-16


Have a good game, me ? I'm just gonna re-lax, I'll be back soon, Jen

Social Butterfly

Gee I have a bingo Card 65

All under B 6- 2- 9- 4- 8

Sorry to be so late in checking

Honored Social Butterfly

Sorry lynnie, I didn't see this and already posted, just checking the Bingo group now, I will congrat you then.

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Well, Jen, if you are very careful with your called numbers  and nobody wins today or tomorrow, you don't have to chose a bonus game.

Honored Social Butterfly

No help tonight and still need the same number I needed last night. It must be hiding. We have been having rain every day, only one day it did last all day and the rest just half days. We have a good AM and then it rains in the afternoon and/or evening. Then we have rain in morning and the afternoon is fine. Oh well I guess a day with some sunshine is better than none at all. Good luck everyone.

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I have a REACH in two places, but no BINGO! 70’s today and 80’s tomorrow. 

Esteemed Social Butterfly

Got the same thing going on here with the weather, I got some more numbers but not the ones I need.

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