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Hi Everyone, Here at last, just spent an hour trying, finally refreshed the page and got here...Duh, why do we have so many problems on this site?

Ok, Here are the numbers for tonight>

B-10  N-45  G-53  I-18  O-70

N-41  O-65  I-30  B-13  G-47

O-75  I-23  B-1

Good Luck, WE are under a Winter Storm Warning, started last night with rain and freezing rain, Then this morning the snow started, and it snowed hard, quite a bit on the ground, I'll check back soon, hopefully I won't have a problem, Jen

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Wow, two more, ladyfox with three bingos and miliannie with another single one.

What fun this is...........hope Jen can get back on but she may be up late with all these winners to congratulate.

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It's a big winners parade today, with ladyfox claiming 3 by herself! Congratulations Beautiful Bingo Winners.

I may be riding the caboose of this winners' train. Card 74, right across:

B11 - I23 - N31 - G59 - O70
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Jen I have 3  Bingo's on Card #72, across the top B - 2, I - 21, N - 36, G - 48 and O - 70...across the middle B - 5 ,I - 23, Free, G - 54 and O - 66... down the N 36,33,Free, 31 and 45 , Congratulations to the other winners 🎉🎉

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I kept refreshing the page and it took until 7:25 before it came over.

I see we have a couple of winners so I am getting my two cents in also.

Bingo on card #71, across the top...

B-13, I-19, N-33, G-53, O-72.

Congratulations to convertiblegal and prisonnurse and good luck to everyone else.

Jen, stay safe in this stormy weather.

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Jen I got a BINGO on CARD 70
B 5, I 27, N 43, G 53, 066
I see convertiblegal also got a bingo.
It was suppose to sleet, snow rain, but the snow didn't come.
See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
Bronze Conversationalist

Bingo across the top, card 73

B 15, I 30, N 36, G 47, O 65


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I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to All the WINNERS,

unfortunately I cannot send congrats the usual way, took forever to just post here..

So to Convertiblegal, prisonnurseo6. SassiLady, ladyfox, and miliannie, Big Congrats to you ALL !


Getting off here now, maybe all the glitches will be gone in the morning, Have a good night, Jen

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Well will try this again, didn't go through ,

CONGRATULATIONS convertiblegal55

bingo trophy new.jpg YOU ARE OUR 1st Winner!

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CONGRATULATIONS convertiblegal !

This is a Good Bingo Sandy !

bingo trophy new.jpg YOU ARE OUR 1st Winner !

Way to Go !

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