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Wed Dec 11th Our Bonus Game Continues

Honored Social Butterfly

Wed Dec 11th Our Bonus Game Continues

Hi Everyone, It may not be winter on the calendar, but it sure is here, and a colder front is expected...

Here are the numbers for tonight>


I-22  B-12  G-46  O-66  B-4


B-7  I-30  N-43  G-49


N-31  O-73  B-1  O-75


Good Luck. I'll check back soon, Jen

Honored Social Butterfly

I know what you mean, even though we got to a cool 63 today. No sun and so dreary.

They are telling us 65 tomorrow and 70 on Friday, our rollercoaster at work.

I got a few numbers that helped so am hopeful so far.

Good luck everyone.

Honored Social Butterfly

We'll be back down in low 30's again tonight, got a few more numbers today.

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