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Hi Everyone, How is your day going ?

Our weather is the same as yesterday, no change.

Here are the numbers for tonight >


B-11  N-33  I-18  G-54  O-70


N-37  G-50  I-30  B-4  O-63


I-21  B-13  O-75


Good Luck, Back in a bit, Jen

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Our visitors count has been going up thanks to the dirt cheap airfare across the Pacific pond.  And our Covid count has shot up accordingly, despite the State requirement of having a negative Covid test from arriving travelers.  Perhaps there is  a correlation between these two numbers. Perhaps!

For those who follow the Dodge Saga, the Maxine-looking-like woman is still seen at the same bus stop, clutching a piece of paper tightly in the right hand, while anxiously squinting into the direction of incoming traffic.  She looks like she could use a very cold glass of something, too.  (To Be Continued).

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Hi Jen, I have a bingo also on card #70, 10,20,free,52,70,  thanks and congrats to the other winners, have a blessed night

Mary Riley
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CONGRATULATIONS Mary, This is a Good Bingo !

Bingo%204.jpg  Way to go ! You are the 2nd Winner !

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Congratulations Mary on sharing the winners circle for bingo.

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Congratulations to all the winners.  Yay!!!!


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Good evening everyone. Another warm and windy day in Fort Worth Texas. It was cloudy this morning but cleared up.

Congrats to our winner and any other winner. 

I got my second shot today and feeling a little yucky but it is only last for awhile.

See you all tomorrow stay safe and healthy.

Charonanne E Kading
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Congratulations to Sandy and a double bingo, WOW!!!!

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Bingo Card 66

B 10, I 16, Free, G 50  O 61

G 46, 52, 50, 48 and 59


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We've Got A Bingo ! 

CONGRATULATIONS convertiblegal !

This is a Good Bingo Sandy, Way to Go !

bingo%20trophy%20new.jpg  YOU ARE WINNER # 1

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congrads all winners

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It was nice and warm today but now it's cloudy possible storms heading our way...I got some more numbers but they just not lining up together.

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We hit the low 80's today but doesn't feel as hot as the 80 in July and August feel like. It isn't humid and there is a bit of a breeze.

I got as many numbers tonight as got the last two nights and am now waiting in four places. Won't hold my breath as I am sure somone will get a bingo tonight.

Good luck everyone.

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REACH in two places but no BINGO. It was relatively warm and sunny today. I received my first dose of Moderna vaccine. 

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How you do you feel? Is your arm very sore? 

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@TheSuzyQ  Thank you for asking. So good. My arm just aches a little, no different than a flu shot.

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