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Hi everyone,spent time trying to find the photo of a Six Pack, did not find it, just picture an elongated postage stamp. Six numbers will do it,vertical or horizontal,anywhere on the card,just the one six pack,can you see it.OK, here are the numbers for tonight,Mary Riley was our winner last night.

B-2 I-16 N-37 G-48 O-61 I-30

N-45 G-50 O-61 B-1 I-19 O-72

B-12 N-39 G-58

GOOD LUCK, sorry it took so long to post,Jen

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Oh that was fast! Congrats winners!  xo

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Wow, congratulations to vexed, convertiblegal and miliannie. I still need one number. Soooo, on to another bonus game. I still can't believe how fast this went. LOL

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Yep, that was fast. On to the next game. Maybe we can have everyone win! 😊


Thanks to all for the Congrats.

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Oopsy daisy, Ms Jen.  You typed in  O61 twice.  Is one of them supposed to be O71?

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I think I have a Six pack on card 90

B4  I19

B6  I23

B10 I16


Please let me know if it counts .

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Congrats @miliannie .

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This is a Good 6pack milliannie!

ibingo%20congrats.jpg You ladies are just too good at this,You are the 3rd WINNER!

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Congratulations to our Winners 🎉 this was a quick game but I did get a few numbers.

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Not sure if this counts Card 85

I 16, 25

N 37, Free

G 48, 46


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Yes it does,check it out, you have 2 too!

Bingo%204.jpgBingo%204.jpgCONGRATULATIONS convertiblegal!

You are the 2nd Winner!

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Congrats @convertiblegal55 .

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Good evening everyone. Today was sunny and windy and cold. My part of Texas is in a cold spell this week. 

@Vexed yes you can use the FREE spot for this game. I am close so I have a feeling this will be a short Bonus game.

Congrats to Mary for her win.

See you all tomorrow.

Charonanne E Kading
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Do you accept the free spot @jen43 ?

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Yes I do.Do you have it already? LOL

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Yes, I think so. I think I have it in two directions. Thank you @jen43  and @prisonnurse06 .


Card #81

   31 48 
    40 56 72
 50 73
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Yep, you got 2,These are good vexed,

congrats.jpg This was too easy huh? Just teasing.

You are the 1st Winner!

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Thanks @jen43 . Wasn't a straight, easy enough, lol. 

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