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Hi Everyone, Got a real gully washer of a rain this morning, But I was safe inside Walmart when it started so I just took my time,lol.

prisonnurse was our Winner last night so we start the Bonus Game, We are playing  mini-full-house.gif  Mini Full House.

Here are the numbers for tonight >

G-53  G-49  I-19  I-26

N-31  N-45  B-5  B-2

O-65  O-70   O-75

Good Luck, I'll be back soon, Jen.

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My Bingo card didn't get the message that the straight line bingo was won yesterday so all the hits were stacked up for 2 straight lines.  Too late to "regrate". 🤣




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I got 2 numbers but they didn't match the Mini Full House.. good luck everyone else!

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Jen B-10 is a repeat, just saying. I got a couple of numbers but nothing to brag about. Same weather here as yesterday, the sun and clouds fighting it out. It's 80 right now. Good luck everyone.

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Yes, I took it away after reading Vexed post, Thanks.

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Congratulations @prisonnurse06! Good luck on the Mini Full House everyone.

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Glad you had a place to keep out of the rain @jen43 . We finally got some rain. It didn't even fill up a bottle cap all the way. All but one number was at the bottom that didn't count. I already had B10 marked from the other day. Good luck all on the Bonus Game.

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Was that a bogus B-10...Sorry about that, I will remove it now, Thanks.

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