Honored Social Butterfly


Hi Everyone, Convertiblegal was our Winner last night, so it's on to the Bonus Game. Linda, please don't clear your card, I think I told you that didn't I ?

We are playing the LETTER O > letter-O.gif

HERE are the #s for tonight>


I-25  I-30  B-1  B-12


G-46  G-50  N-37  N-45


O-74  O-71  B-3  G-58


GOOD LUCK, I'll check back in a bit, Jen

Regular Social Butterfly

One good number at a good spot today.


Congratulations to Convertible Gal for winning this week's bingo. 

Honored Social Butterfly

All I did tonight was X out two corners that we don't need, yes that means I got nada, no numbers that I need, so on to tomorrow.

Good luck everyone.

Recognized Social Butterfly

Well here I am another day of snow, but no sleet or freezing rain. The temperatures today started out 19 and went up to 28. At least we went above 0. I still haven't gone to my mailbox or picked up my newspaper, because under the snow is ice, and I don't look good lying on my back so I will wait until the snow melts a little more, which should be tomorrow. 

I only got one number tonight, I hope I do better tomorrow. Congrats too Convertiblegal for her win. 

As you can see I still have power, but still wait for it to go. I am surrounded by people who have been without power since this storm began on Sunday. Texas has also made the prime time news as our Governor is little upset because the power outages are State wide. 

I got my water back last night, and now I am boiling water, but don't know how long I have to do that, I keep asking but haven't got an answer yet. 

You take care and be safe and healthy and warm. 

Charonanne E Kading
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