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Hi Everyone, More snow on the ground, started this morning, wasn't bad when I drove to my doctors appt. but driving home was scary, almost whiteout, not good when you can't see the dividing line on a two lane road, I was soo glad to get home, we have about three inches now.

Here are the numbers for tonight>


O-61  B-10  N-31  G-49  I-16


G-54  I-25  B-3  N-45  O-66


I-29  G-60  B-6


Good Luck, I'll check back soon, Jen

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congrads  foxylady 58 

and sassilady

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I know I have been having a crazy week, but this takes the cake. Counting how many places I am waiting and realized I have a bingo on card# 162

B-3, I-17, Free, G-56, O-75.


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congrats.jpg   SassiLady ! This is a Good Bingo, You are the 2nd WINNER tonight !

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Oh Jen, your post about driving in the snow brought back memory of some scary wintry drive in Minnesota.  So glad it's eon years ago and miles away.  My snow bird friend from Bangor Maine came out to spend winter here alone again this year,  while the rest of her kids and grand kids are back home and despite the fact that she had to quarantine herself for 14 days upon arrival.  She told me that it's so much more pleasant to be in the sunshine, walking down the beach than sitting in her buttoned up warm home in front of the fire in snow blanketed Maine. She'll fly back  in early April.

Honored Social Butterfly

Jen I have a Bingo on Card #161 across the top B -10, I - 16, N - 31, G - 52 and O - 61 good luck to rest of you.

Honored Social Butterfly


bingo%20trophy%20new.jpg  YOU ARE OUR 1st WINNER, WAY TO GO !

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