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Hi EVERYONE, Wow this heat continues, i'm hugging the AC  !

HERE Are the numbers for tonight >

B-6  I-16  N-38  G-54  O-74

I-30  B-14  G-46  N-39  O-66

N-41  I-25  O-70

GOOD LUCK, I'll be back soon, Jen C7822.jpg


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CONGRATULATIONS TO MILIANNIE on getting a bingo. WTG woman!!

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CONGRATULATIONS TO CONVERTIBLEGAL, looks like she is all alone, whew, I was getting worried that we would never get a winner. WTG woman.


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OK Ladies I edited my post, Changed the pre called number G-50 to G-46, So if anyone needs this number, it's in Play, that's what I get for being in a hurry, See you all for the Bonus game tomorrow,Jen, 

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Woohoo!  Bingo on card 70:







Thank you Jen for that G46

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CONGRATULATIONS miliannie, This was a Good Bingo.

bingogirl.gif  WINNER ! WTG

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I needed a few more numbers Congratulations to our winner 🎉🏆

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Good evening everyone. Another hot day in Fort Worth feeling like 102. I missed by one number in three areas for a win.

You take care. 

Charonanne E Kading
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Jen, may we have a replacement for the Monday-called G50?


"Topless" (car) got the bingo!  Congratulations Convertible Gal. 

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You really want another number ? Are you gonna come back and

Ok, I will edit my post, Jen

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I needed one number in two places but we’re on to the Bonus Game. Congratulations @convertiblegal55 and any others. We’re under a Heat Advisory today and tomorrow with the index at 100. We dodged Henri as we are far inland. I’m sorry for those in storms’ paths. Stay safe and cool everyone. 😎

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Bingo Card 71

B 14, I 28, Free, G 54, O 72


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THIS IS A GOOD BINGO convertiblegal !

bingo%20trophy%20new.jpgCONGRATILATIONS  Sandy !

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