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Hi everyone,im2bizzie was our Winner last night.

We are playing-letter-Y.gif letter Y ,here are the numbers for tonight>

B-7 B-12 I-23 I-30 N-33

N-45 G-48 G-50 O-74 O-63

B-3 N-36 O-70

GOOD LUCK,I'll be back soon,Jen


4 numbers for me from Wednesday nights numbers.  I am just getting to them because I was out of town for the last few days at Paducah Kentucky, at the Quilt Expo, and at the hotel their internet service didn't work ..... ugh! So now I am trying to play catch-up!


I saw quilts that would blow your mind! I had never seen anything like it! Absolutely incredible!!!

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I got one number for the Y and that's it since I didn't have any to start out. Good luck everyone.

@prisonnurse06I hope the meds help as that issue is no fun.

@Vexed I hope everything stays okay with your eye now.

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Thank you @SassiLady for your concern. I still have vision problems. Can't get new glasses cause it might improve if the fluid under the detaching retina part will go down and not need them. I just got pretty scared when I heard detached retina. My first thought is who will care for hubby.

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I got some numbers missing only 3 for the Letter Y... good luck to the rest of you!🤞

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I'm the unwanted sack of rice today.  Y?  Got one precious number out of 13 called. 

Congratulations to im2bizzie.  WTG lady.

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A few numbers. 

I got good and bad news today.  Went to eye doctor to check for new glasses prescription. He sent me straight to a retina specialist. Bad news is there is fluid leaking in and separating the retina. (puddling) Good news is leaking has stopped. Is why I thought I needed new glasses. So, will have to wait and see for a month and then go back. Have to go now this white screen is blinding me. 😊


@prisonnurse06 , am so glad you found a doctor to listen. That is hard to find.

Good luck everyone.

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Good evening everyone. I am looking out my window at a very cloudy evening. The sun was out briefly today. It is cool and what I call a sweater day. 

I am two numbers away from winning thanks for the numbers. I went to see my primary doctor and happy to say that I finally got medication for my restless legs problems. I changed doctors because the other was not listening to what I was telling them. I like Misty she listens. 

You all have a great night.

Charonanne E Kading
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