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Tues Oct 29th Our Bingo Game Continues

Honored Social Butterfly

Tues Oct 29th Our Bingo Game Continues

Hi Everyone, Here's some freaky info for you, The weatherman says snow flurries for Halloween..ha ha..poor kids. Guess I could pass out gloves and earmuffs !

Here are your numbers for tonight>

O-70  B-2  G-50  N-44  I-26

B-10  N-31 G-57 I-28 O-63

O-67 B-6 N-40


Good luck, I'll check back later, Jen

100_1899.JPG BOO!



Honored Social Butterfly

Wow, it looks like ladyfox has a bingo, WTG!

It was in the 80's again today,but cloudy and muggy, no rain.

I got a wait but it loks like it will have to hold on for the bonus game.

I think I caught a cold, either that or my sinuses are working overtime. Not the flu as I am not achy and feverish. My dil is sick also.

Talk about cold the weather forecast says Utah is going to get down to -35. Now that's cold.

Honored Social Butterfly

We got 100% rain in the forecast for Halloween, Jen I have a Bingo on Card#149 B - 6, I - 23, Free, G -53, and O - 61  confirm please.

Honored Social Butterfly

Yes you do ladyfox58, This is a Good Bingo !


bingo trophy new.jpgYou are our 1st WINNER !

Regular Social Butterfly

Picky, picky, picky. I'm talking about how the called numbers behaved on my bingo card. If they refuse to hold hands, I can't yell bingo. That settles that.

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Recognized Social Butterfly

It is cold out and raining. I have set up a place in my garage where the feral kitties can spend the night, as the nights are getting colder. I found my kitty Lancelot's carry cage that was for small dogs, and put some old blankets inside it and built a sheltered area around it for them. I made sure my garage door didn't go all the way down.
I got a few more numbers tonight. Everyone stay safe and warm. See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
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