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Tues Oct 29th Our Bingo Game Continues

Hi Everyone, Here's some freaky info for you, The weatherman says snow flurries for Halloween..ha ha..poor kids. Guess I could pass out gloves and earmuffs !

Here are your numbers for tonight>

O-70  B-2  G-50  N-44  I-26

B-10  N-31 G-57 I-28 O-63

O-67 B-6 N-40


Good luck, I'll check back later, Jen

100_1899.JPG BOO!



Honored Social Butterfly

Wow, it looks like ladyfox has a bingo, WTG!

It was in the 80's again today,but cloudy and muggy, no rain.

I got a wait but it loks like it will have to hold on for the bonus game.

I think I caught a cold, either that or my sinuses are working overtime. Not the flu as I am not achy and feverish. My dil is sick also.

Talk about cold the weather forecast says Utah is going to get down to -35. Now that's cold.

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We got 100% rain in the forecast for Halloween, Jen I have a Bingo on Card#149 B - 6, I - 23, Free, G -53, and O - 61  confirm please.

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Yes you do ladyfox58, This is a Good Bingo !


bingo trophy new.jpgYou are our 1st WINNER !

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Picky, picky, picky. I'm talking about how the called numbers behaved on my bingo card. If they refuse to hold hands, I can't yell bingo. That settles that.

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It is cold out and raining. I have set up a place in my garage where the feral kitties can spend the night, as the nights are getting colder. I found my kitty Lancelot's carry cage that was for small dogs, and put some old blankets inside it and built a sheltered area around it for them. I made sure my garage door didn't go all the way down.
I got a few more numbers tonight. Everyone stay safe and warm. See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
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