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Tues Oct 15th Our Bingo Game Continues

Hi Everyone, Got cold here today, furnace is running, and I'm warm, that's a good thing !

Here are your numbers for tonight>


N-31  O-73  B-5  I-28  G-56


I-23  G-48  N-35  B-14  O-64


B-8  N-37  I-16


Good Luck, I;ll check back later, Jen

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Yikes just checked dog has ulcers on both eyes and I had to give drops every 2 hrs...everty 4 and every 6...3 diff no sleep at all last night

I only have 2 numbers...hmmmm...oh well...hope everyone doing good

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Disorganization brings bad results. That was the way the numbers marched onto my bingo sheet today. Unlike pretty car lady, aka convertiblegal, whose numbers were disciplined and fell into 2 straight lines. Bravo Sandy. Do it again!!! Anyone else? Kudos to you, too. if you marched to the same winning drum beats.
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Double Bingo Card 49

B 10, I 28, Free, G 50, O 73

N 33, 37, Free, 35, 31


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CONGRATULATIONS convertiblegal !

bingo trophy new.jpgThese are Good Bingo's !

WAY TO GO Sandy !

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Wow Sandy, two bingo's, if I could give you two kudos I certainly would.

I only got 3 numbers tonight and they were no help at all.


Good luck everyone!

Honored Social Butterfly

Had a rainy day here and still raining, I got a few more numbers today than yesterday, good luck to rest of you!

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