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HI everyone,Hi lisa, I hope you found your card numbers, and had no trouble making your card.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

B-8 I-19 N-34 G-46 O-73

I-25 N-45 G-56 O-68 B-10

N-38 B-14 O-70

GOOD LUCK, I'll be back soon,Jen


WOW!!! I certainly made up for just one number last night.....I had nine tonight. That is the most I have had since I started. I need 2 numbers 8 different ways for a bingo. Maybe tomorrow 😁


@prisonnurse06 I am so sorry to hear about the findings of your son and what he had to go through and not get the help he needed. So glad he is in good hands with your physician now. I am praying for a complete healing!

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Two away from a bingo in a few places.  That's about as close as nothing! 🤣


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Good evening everyone. Another hot and windy day in Texas. Today it was confirmed that my youngest son had a stroke. I got him in to see my doctors and they will be doing a lot of tests. I am so glad we found out what was wrong. The ER doctor misdiagnose but when I saw him I knew he had a stroke. 

I got a few numbers tonight but I am not even close to a bingo.

See you all tomorrow.

Charonanne E Kading
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Wow, Charonanne, sorry to hear this but glad you were able to get him help.

Not the first time an ER doctor gave a bad diagnosis. My dil went to our local hospital and they sent her home, I can't remember right now what he said was wrong but the younger intern mentioned appendicitis and he said no it isn't. Two days later my son had back but to a different hospital, yep it was appendicitis. She could have died. I don't know where the ER doctor was coming from but there is a blood test that can show if it is appendicitis just like there is one that can show if you are having a heart attack. Makes you afraid to even go to the ER. I will keep him in my prayers.

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I got a couple more numbers tonight and I have a wait, so have to see what everyone else does since someone could get a bingo tonight.

Good luck everyone.

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Wow, thought I was late but I see I'm a few more numbers today setting up pretty good.

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