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Tues May 19th Our Bingo Game Continues

Hi Everyone, It has been a rainy mist all day, good for dancing in the rain, but a little cold for me !

Here are the numbers for tonight>


N-36  N-44  B-8  I-19  O-73


B-10  I-23  G-48  N-41  O-61


I-21  B-5  N-32


Good Luck, I'll check back soon, Jen

Honored Social Butterfly

Oh wow prisonnurse, out vet is doing that also, we were told to call when we get to the office and they will come out and get our pet when they are ready for him/her. No people in the waiting area. 

Tonight I got several new numbers and they are so friendly I have a wait. We had a cloudy day today but it still got hot at 83 and felt worse late when the sun finally showed up, just in time for dinner.

Good luck everyone.

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Oh no, nO "O" yet on my bingo card.

Anyone has a the Apple watch? It's a great exercise logger, i.e. time spent, progress, calories. It's also good for those who don't move much. It will tell one to stand and remain standing for a minute to get credit. That's the one feature that drives me batty. I'm very active. For example, this morning I had to fix some food for freezing. I worked non stop, on my feet, for 3 hours. I sat down for 10 minutes, when I got buzzed by the watch "Time to stand" it extolled. I didn't do it right away. But 5 minutes later, I had to stand up and finish cleaning up my kitchen. About an hour later, I was done with my task and decided to check my bingo. The watch did not give me credit for standing up! I guess I should stand up when told, do whatever I need to do on my feet for at least a minute then sit down again to get that stand credit.
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I got a few numbers but they just don't want to play together.

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I finally made it here. Yesterday I was having problems with my car, and my car told me Service due, and my son wouldn't let me take it in, so my grandson came by and got the car, and then he went onto work which was right next door to the place that works on my car. I totally forgot it was Monday and didn't realize it until I saw Jimmy Fallon come on, I guess this safe distancing is finally getting to me.
Today I took both my kitties to the Vet. I took them at different time one in the morning and one this afternoon, and you get there and they come out and get your animal and you remain in the car. There was this woman who arrived and gets her dog and walks right up to the door, and then read the sign, she grabs her dog, and was swearing all the way back to her car and left. They have signs all over the place telling people what to do, but I guess she thought she was special. I had another walk up to my car, yes I had a mask on and so did he, and didn't like waiting in his car and ask how I liked it. I told him I use to waiting outside as I had to do it when my grandsons were going to school and I waited outside the band hall after school and after football games, so I am use to it. I told him I brought a book and play my music and I am all right with it. I don't think that was the answer he wanted.
My kitties were sort of good. Trouble was no problem but Black Jack gave them problems, but I had already warned them and he didn't disappoint me.
As to my bingo numbers, I got a few from both nights. Take care and see you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
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