Honored Social Butterfly


Hi Everyone, Running late took my grandaughter to the grocery store, it's always a busy day.

Here are the numbers for tonight >

B-14  I-20-N-40  G-57  O-64

N-34  B-9  G-54  I-25  O-72

I-18  N-45  B-4

Good Luck, back in a bit, Jen

Bronze Conversationalist

Oh @SassiLady so very sorry for your loss of Samson. Hope your Bingo wins brought a little brightness to your evening.


Honored Social Butterfly

Oh dear, this is getting embarrassing. I have two bingos on card# 144.

Down the B's-2, 9, 14, 6, 12

and four corners B-2 & 12 and O-68 &72.

Had a tough time the past few days, Samson did not do well after his surgery and my fur baby went over the rainbow bridge last night. I am devastated but now he is at least free of the pain.


Regular Social Butterfly

 @SassiLady sorry for your loss of Samson, and congrats on your bingo

Charonanne E Kading
Honored Social Butterfly

That is some lucky card you have there SassiLady !


bingo%20trophy%20new.jpg You are the 1st WINNER !

Honored Social Butterfly

I'm so sorry to hear about Samson, it broke my heart when I lost my Kd,maybe she and Samson will find each other, she was such a sweet dog, I still miss her.

Regular Social Butterfly

Everything was falling in line nicely then the stubborn "O"  decided to pout out completely, as in "zip, nada".


Summer is getting closer to the islands.  From tomorrow on, I'll have to put on sunscreen before heading out for my power walk, even at 0600, if I want to minimize the extreme demarcation/tan line where my walking shorts end on my legs.

Regular Social Butterfly

Good evening everyone. It is another cold rainy day in Fort Worth. My poor kitties have spent more time in either my closet or under the bed, because of the thunder. 

I got a few more number tonight. 

You have take care and stay safe and healthy and strong.

Charonanne E Kading
Esteemed Social Butterfly

That's no problem at all Jen we know you have your own things to do also. I thought I weren't getting any numbers for a while but I did get the last 4.

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