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Hi Everyone, Our frigid tems continue, 8 degrees right now, hoping for a little arm up tomorrow!

Here are the numbers for tonight>


G-52  B-8  O-68  I-24  N-33


O-61  I-16  B-13  N-43  G-48


B-6  I-21  G-58


Good Luck, I'll check back later, Jen

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Another cold day in Fort Worth Texas, the weatherman did state we have one more very cold morning and than it starts to warm up. We are to have in the high 70's on Friday.
I got many numbers which means if I got that many someone is getting more, so maybe a bonus game tomorrow.
Well my tummy wants to eat so I guess I better go feed it. See you all tomorrow. Stay warm.
Charonanne E Kading
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Hey, Sweet nurse, I'll be in Houston on Saturday and won't be bringing my Leddy's boots (from Ft. Worth). Too cumbersome for travel and packing. but we can compare the weather reports of Ft. Worth and Houston!
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Gosh, I only got 1 little lonely number today.

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A couple possibilities from tonight - what will tomorrow bring.  Have a good evening stay warm

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You know that sinking feeling when you check your numbers against the ones called for the day, and nothing seems to match for the first 10 numbers? Fortunately, I scored 2 hits on the last row of numbers.

What is it about bingo that just keeps one going even when it seems to inflict rejection? Who needs opioid when there's bingo?!!😂
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I feel like I'm playing tic-tac-toe here a number...there a number..some possibilities lining up..All I need is tomorrows numbers...Did some snow clean up so we can move about..I threw out some cookies crumbles to the birds/squirrels as they are looking for hard for them if there isn't berries for them to eat on the bushes...
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