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Hi Everyone, Spent part of the day with my daughter, tomorrow is her birthday, We did some shopping and I took her to dinner, a really nice day.

Oh, and I saw my first Robin yesterday, spring is on it's way, although we had some light frost this morning.

Here are the numbers for today >


N-34  G-49  B-15  I-28  O-73


B-2  N-38  O- 64  G- 59  O- 61


G-57  B-13  N-43


GOOD LUCK, I'll check back soon, remember ladies, if you get four corners that counts as a Bingo, Jen

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Jen B 6 was called yesterday plus you have it twice tonight, my numbers are scattered all around so I'll wait and see what that B 6 end up being.

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Wow March is a busy month, hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday tomorrow. My "baby" will be 58 on Thursday and on the 16th his sister will be 59. Gosh I am feeling old now.

Okay, one number yesterday and two today maybe three tomorrow. Hmm, is this called progressive bingo? Oh we had rain all day and it got cooler as the day went on, now it is going to warm up a bit and then do the same thing tomorrow.

Good luck everyone.

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Double B6 today AND B6 was called yesterday, Jen. 

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Gee Thanks, and I thought I was doing so well... I edited my post, please check it for the new numbers, Have to remember to proof read my post;;

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Hello Bingo Buddies!

March came in like a lion here, with a high wind advisory last night and today. My daughter’s college is right on Lake Ontario. Last night she was working in the art studio and could hardly open the door when coming back to her dorm. Poor little thing almost blew away! We continue to have cold temperatures with snow off and on. Rain and some sun is forecasted for later in the week. Charonanne - looks like we’ll be heading out like a lamb too. Stay dry LadyFox! Lynnie - enjoy the beautiful weather. Jen - send the robins to NY.

I’m glad some of you are spending time with your children and grandchildren. Sassi - I am a 53 year old ‘baby’, much like your son. My 4 siblings are a year apart and then 5 years!

Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays, oh my! My dad’s was the 8th. 24 years ago he died suddenly a week before his 63rd.

Andrea - welcome to the ‘family’! Milliannie - I love your tight-knit analogy!

As for BINGO, I have 9 filled spaces and could use 2 in particular for a win!

Take care,


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Good evening everyone. 🎂🎈 Happy Birthday to your daughter.

The weather here in Fort Worth Texas was sunny and comfortable. I had great ideas of going shopping today, but picked up a book and ended the idea of shopping.

I got a few more numbers tonight. You all have a great night and stay safe and healthy. 

Charonanne E Kading
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Jen, hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday tomorrow, my sons is Thursday. Birthday Wishes!Birthday Wishes!

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Awe, Thank you Sandy, I will show this to her.

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