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Hi Everyone, Finally the sun is out ! 

It's been overcast and rainy all day.

Here are the numbers for today.>


G-53  B-9  N-38  I-19  O-67


N-34  I-28  G-60  B-14  O-69


B-4  O-75  N-41


Good Luck, I'll be back soon, Jen bingo-8.jpg

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Well ladies, can't even read my own numbers, I wrote O-69, but typed O-64' And the number is O-69,kinda hope it wasn't a critical number, I WILL REMIND EVERYONE TOMORROW,Jen

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Thanks @jen43 just gave me another REACH! I don’t know how you keep it all straight, especially handing out the numbers on Sundays. Thanks for all you do! 😀

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It's definitely not my eyesight. O64 is "deja vu" yesterday. It's probably too late for a replacement today.  How about an extra O number for tomorrow, Lady Jen?

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Yes, I corrected my post, and will give an extra # tomorrow.

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Well, not as warm as they said but in the 70's, it couldn't get that hot because it was cloudy most of the day and the sun only kept popping in and out. I am not very close. Good luck everyone.

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Good evening everyone. I didn't make it last night, my family was celebrating my grandson Coleman's 19th birthday. It was great to go to our favorite restaurant which was Mexican Inn, and I totally enjoyed my huge taco salad.

Later we went to my exDIL house and had cake. It has been a year since my whole family has got together, and last night was fantastic, even the thunderstorms couldn't dampen my spirits. 

I got some good numbers from both nights, and as close as I am I think maybe someone is closer.

See you all tomorrow, stay safe and healthy.

Charonanne E Kading
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REACH!  Ooh I so close a couple ways. Good luck everyone. Bit chilly today.



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I got a few more numbers today and waiting in a couple places.. good luck to the rest of you

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