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Hi Everyone, Can you say cabin fever? Lol, sure don't want to get out in this mess, as roads are still tricky, and they say if you don't feel safe driving, then don' can't last forever right?


Here are the #s for tonight>


G-56  O-62  B-14  I-17  N-39


O-71  B-5  N-36  G-58  I-20


N-31  G-54  O-68


Good Luck, I'll be back in a bit to check, Jen

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Tomorrows weather is going to be bad, another winter weather advisery, freezing drtzzle and rain/snow, very low temps are expected this week into the weekend...I had several followup dr's appointments that I had to cancel, settled for the middle of Feb, just to be safe...i will just hunker down here in the house, do busy stuff, read, watch movies...I can do this!

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I got a few more numbers tonight. My temporary bridge fell out again today and went to the dentist to have it put back, but it fell out again. I have 3 more weeks of this, and I am seriously thinking of going toothless until my permanent teeth come in.
It was cold today I had to dig out the heavy coat. Jen I remember those days living in Illinois and I lived in the country on a dead end road, which meant that our road was the last to get plowed, so hang in there, Spring is coming.
See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
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Oh Jen - please stay safe - soon the sun will come & start some melting.  Nothing exciting for me tonight

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I had a deluge of numbers but still not even waiting.

Jen, stay in and stay safe. I did enough driving in snow and ice when I lived in NJ and had to go to work.

Good luck everyone.

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Cabin fever is not bad if you can step out of the "cabin" and catch some sun rays. I remember one time we went on for 21 days straight without sunlight in Minnesota! I was experiencing a huge depression which evaporated the moment the sun came back and I could bask in it for an hour!

My 2 hits from yesterday got a company of 4 today. Very disorganized.
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Just a few nothing to crow are right on about staying off the roads if you don't feel safe better safe than sorry...It's Polish Kielbasa,potatoes,sauerkraut and green beans for supper tonight..Great tasting in this cold weather...
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That's right if you don't feel safe out in it don't get out there unless it's absolutely necessary, I got a few more numbers today but nothing to brag about good luck!

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