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Hi Everyone, Not a bad day, a little sun this morning, it's cloudy and overcast now, we will warm up tomorrow, then the bottom falls out as we near the weekend, lows in the teens !


Here are the numbers for tonight>


G-48  N-42  B-8  I-16  O-72


B-13  I-21  G-54  N-44  O-62


O-75  B-4  N-31


Good Luck, I'll be back in a bit, Jen


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A little late checking in - nothing exciting for me. Yesterday our high was in the 60’s for a day in February - today is the same however snow is on tap for tonight - hard believe.

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Ok ladies, don't fall off your chair laughing if I tell you that we had a chilly 66 this early morning.  The temperature discomfort lasted 5 minutes for me.  In fact, my feet were complaining so loudly that I couldn't feel the cold during my 4 miles power walk, even though I was in a tropical shorts and top. 

I keep on forgetting that my poor feet are 78, like me, and tired of carrying me around while I act like as if I'm still in my 60s!  To add salt to injury, the podiatrist told me the other day that he would not touch my bunions because he would not operate on anyone over 65.  Useless man!

Oh, about my  Bingo card, I still have a whole row of pristine, i.e. un-daubed, numbers.  It's nice to look at.

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Good evening everyone. Well who didn't see their shadow, I bet the people living on the East Coast and dealing with all the snow. 

I got a few more numbers, but I have more open spaces than filled ones. 

You take care and have a great evening. Until tomorrow stay safe and healthy.

Charonanne E Kading
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We barely mad today and with the wind it felt like 45, and they are saying a frost tonight. Brrrrrrrrrrr. 

I'm sure someone will get this tonight. I have a wait.

Good luck everyone.

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