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Hi Everyone, Would you believe we've had sunshine ALL day! NICE !

Here are the numbers for tonight >


N-35  G-48  B-7  I-26  O-62


B-10  I-29  N-41  O-61  G-57


G-60  O-64  I-21


GOOD LUCK, I'll be back in a bit, Jen

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I would like to join this forum to play Bingo. Can you please explain how it works? Thanks, Roberta

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HI Roberta, Sorry this is late, Just come to the forum and let me know, which you've already done..I will send you the card #s to place on a BINGO CARD that you make. use an index card or tablet, You may want to wait till Mon when we start a New game, it would be easier..Once you have the card ready, just come to the forum each day and check my posts for the Called numbers for that day, We look forward to having you here, Thanks bingo-8.jpg Jen.

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Oh my goodness, looks like Sandy has come through with a bingo. WTG!

We also had sun here in North Florida, but it took it until 10am to finally come out from behind the clouds. I got some much needed shopping done and still have more to do but I limit myself to 2-3 stops when I go out. I am just not up to running here, there and everywhere. Tomorrow I will be in doing my laundry.

Good luck in the bonus game.

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Bingo Card 58

O 64, 73, 69, 66, and 61


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CONGRATULATIONS convertiblegal, This is a GOOD BINGO !\bingo%20trophy%20new.jpg Sandy, You are our 1st WINNER ! WAY TO GO !

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Hello everyone from freezing Texas. There was sun, but no water. I have power and I am thankful for that, as the power outages is wide, in the Fort Worth/Dallas area. I had to melt snow to put it in the tanks so the toilets would flush. I had one neighbor come out and ask why I was gathering bucket full of snow, as she thought I was going to drink it. I have bottled water for that, and explained about the toilets. Now that the water is back on for awhile we have to boil the water for the next 48 hours.

It is snowing again and there is sleet on the way, so I will be surprise if I still have power tomorrow.

Jen I got a few more numbers tonight but none are close to a bingo.

You all take care and be safe and healthy and warm.

Charonanne E Kading
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Hooray for sunshine!  Now you need a few clouds to trap the heat from those sunrays.


Meanwhile back at the Bingo Hall, how you've managed to avoid all my good numbers is amazing, Jen. 

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