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Tues August 20th Our Bingo Game Continues

Honored Social Butterfly

Tues August 20th Our Bingo Game Continues

Hi Everyone, A rainy muggy day here, so what else is new huh?

Here are the numbers for tonight>


G-48  O-67  B-6  N-33  I-18


O-70  G-56  N-36  I-25  B-12


I-27  B-8  N-31


Have a good game, I'll be back later to check, Jen



Honored Social Butterfly

No bingo here tonight. I hope someone gets it.


Rain, my son said the forecast was for no rain but we still got rain. I don't know where he was getting his information but he had better change his weather station.


Good luck everyone.



Regular Social Butterfly

I have two possible paths to bingo. Maybe a menehune--a Hawaiian leprechaun-like being--will whisper to Jen the needed numbers to call tomorrow. That said, I do wish that someone will stump us all with a straight bingo today.
Honored Social Butterfly

Well no rain here today eventhough it was in the forecast. I got 4 more numbers today.

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