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Hi Everyone, That G-44 I posted last night, should have been

G-54, sorry miliannie no N-44 yet ! I edited yesterdays post, your Bingo Lady is not imuned to mistakes..LOL

Here are the #s for tonight>


G-48  B-5  N-36  I-27  O-63


I-21  N-43  O-70  B-7  G-56


O-65  I-25  G-58


Good Luck, I'll be back later to check, Jen

I was a lot cooler today, I could turn the AC off !

Honored Social Butterfly

I'm quite late tonight. Son is away on business and my dil and grandson and I went out to dinner. Mmmmmm good, Olive Garden, cold crisp salad and shrimp scampi. Skipped dessert.

Jen, you took back my N44 and even though I got a lot more numbers I still don't have a wait. That's okay though, I did my share of goofs today also.

That's life, that's the game and good luck everyone. Just taking a page from miliannie's book.

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It's OK, Jen, to "take back" N44. I still can't connect the dots to spell Bingo, even with today's batch of numbers.
C'est la vie. (Actually c'est le jeu. Bonne chance a qui que ce soit. )

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Ok miliannie, you will have to translate for me, I don't speak French..LOL
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Jen, SassiLady got my French perfectly translated.
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Four numbers today but all over the place no help here,weather nice here had some rain this morning but none now.My daughter went to the State fair and had a good time brought me back some cream puff's and loving each bit.

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The new number from yesterday still didn't help me any, I got some more numbers but nothing to brag about.

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Perfectly're allowed to fall once in awhile...literally....Slow going for me molasses....Very..very hot today, we had to pick up our grand daughter from her job this p.m....tomorrow more of the same..oh well it is summer...
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I am close which means someone out there in bingo land is closer. It was another hot day, but tomorrow we are to get rain in some areas, and a cool front will come thru and we will be in the low 90's and 80's. My kitties are trying to tell me to feed them so I better go do that, and see you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
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