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Tues April 21st Our Bingo Game Continues

Hi Everyone, Got to spend some time with my daughter today, she took me to get some garden soil, we kept safe distance, it was a good day, I love seeing her, but I keep wanting to give her a big hug ! I miss that...


Here are the numbers for today >


B-12 N-34 I-20 G-53 O-61


G-58 I-28 B-9 N-37 O-72


B-14 O-68 I- 16


Good Luck, I'ii check back in a bit, Jen

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My sincere apologies for missing bingo last night, especially to Jen. I hate to miss posting as so many don't post at all. Anyway I got a glut of numbers when compared to the two I received on Monday and as a result I am waiting in three places.

Good luck everyone.

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I have 2 completely empty "garden rows" on my bingo card that can use some "planting". My N's and O's have NO hit.

Gardening on the balcony of a condo takes more planning than doing it right in the dirt, pardon my pun here. We'll just support the local farmers. They like my greenbacks and we like their greens.
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It was another nice day but tomorrow the bad weather is coming. Schwan's messed up my order they didn't deliver. When I called she said pending until May 4th, which is my next delivery date, and I told her no it Monday, and you all send me a text saying my delivery was on its way.
So they said we can deliver tomorrow between the hours of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and I said if you don't get here while it is daylight you can keep it. My street is very dark at night and it starts to get dark around 7:30, so we will see.
See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
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I knows how you feel Jen, I got 4 more numbers today and they just not lining up right for me 😭😂

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