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Hi Everyone, Well it has been snowing/raining all day, it has my poor shrubs and trees drooping, I hope they can endure the cold temps, they are pretty hardy.


Here are the numbers for tonight .>


I-21  G-57  B-1  N-36  O-64


G-54  B-13  N-45  O-61  I-16


O-75  G-46  B-8


Good Luck, I'll be back in a bit, Jen

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Crazy Spring weather - snow one day & sunshine the next - but here in Colorado we do need the moisture.  Hope your shrubs & trees will be ok.

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Jen I hope your plants recover, I got a few more numbers just not in the right spots.

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I have three waits, two of them are 5 number lines and one is a 4 number line, it's a bummer when you have to have 5 numbers to get a bingo. LOL!

Good luck everyone, maybe we will have a bunch of winners tomorrow.

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Good evening everyone. It was cool this morning and the sun has been shining. Tomorrow the frost and fog comes. Jen you getting snow this late reminds me of living in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada where we could get snow so high in April and two weeks later it is all gone.

Today I had a surprise visit from my grandson, it was really great to see him. 

I got a few more numbers, and have some areas that could give me a win.

You all take care and stay safe and healthy and warm.

Charonanne E Kading
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It rained hits yesterday.  It's severe drought (on hits) today. SuzyQ and I will just sit by and watch the rest of you catching numbers.

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Is there a prize for least amount of hits? 😂



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REACH for me in the “G” column. Snow is heading our way tonight...3-6”.

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