Honored Social Butterfly

Thurs Nov 11th Our Bonus Game Continues

Thurs Nov 11th, A winter mix of weather today, but sunshine in the afternoon, which was good to see.

Here are numbers for tonight, let's see if they can stay where they belong.

N-36 N-44 B-1 B-13

I-23 I-30 G-47 G-58

O-64 O-68 B-5 I-19

Good Luck, I'll be back soon,Jen.

Regular Social Butterfly

Good job, Jen.  You hit two of my numbers today. Being that tomorrow is Friday, you should have a couple glasses of wine before you throw them darts.  I betcha you gonna improve your score quite a bit.  Why, you may even have some Bonus Bingo winners to boot. 

Honored Social Butterfly

I need 3 more numbers for this one, the temp is dropping down low tonight.

Social Butterfly

I need 4 numbers. Getting colder for all except @miliannie .  Good luck to all for the rest of this game.

For all us that dislike being cold, remember we can always stand in the corner of one of our house's rooms. Because, we all know that a corner is 90 degrees. 😉

Regular Social Butterfly

Mahalo @Vexed for the bit of knowledge about warm corners of a room.  I lived on the Mainland for 22 years, 12 of which in Minneapolis, and could have warmed up in a corner of a room, instead of in front of a roaring fireplace.  If for any unavoidable reason should I find myself on the Mainland during the winter, I will stand in one corner of my hotel room to warm up.  90 degrees for real or relatively speaking?

Honored Social Butterfly

I think they call this piece work, one piece at a time, one # last night & one # tonight and there is only one day left, but I still need two pieces.

We had a day that started out early with some rain then as it warmed up got very humid. I is going to get chilly on Saturday. Good luck everyone.

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