Honored Social Butterfly

Thurs May 7th Bonus Game Continues

Hi Everyone, time got away from me again..

Working in the yard, such a joy,

Here are the numbers for today>


N-39  N-35  B-2  B-9  


I-24  I-20  G-50  G-47


O-62  O-71  B-12  G-57


Good Luck, I'll be back in a bit, Jen

Regular Social Butterfly

Jen, O65 was called on Tuesday. Uncalled are 64, 67, 69 for the 6 series. I'm still missing 5 for that C, so if any one of those numbers get called in for replacement, it wouldn't change my status a whole lot.

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Honored Social Butterfly

My bad miliannie, I got rid of O-65, Don't know why I missed that, It was called on Tuesday, Thanks.
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