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Thurs May 21st Welcome to the Bonus Game

Hi Everyone, Mary Riley was our Winner last night, we start the Bonus Game with the Lg Outside Frame >

All the numbers at the top and bottom of card and all the numbers down both sides.

Here are the numbers for tonight>


I-18  N-40  B-12  O-69


G-58  I-24  N-37  B-9


B-11  G-49  G-54  O-63


Good Luck, I'll check back soon, Jen



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One good outer circle number. The other got lost in the middle somewhere. I got busy reading about the poor dehydrated possum at Charoanne's garage and didn't pay attention where stuck it. Close your garage door as soon as all wild creatures vacate the garage, my dear You don't want a snake in your garage ,then sneaking into your home, that's for sure. I have this great fear of snakes (and other cold blooded creatures. ) Luckily, we have no snake in HI. It's illegal to sneak one in, so don't anybody have any cute idea about making it happen!!!!
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Hi miliannie, Since you mentioned snakes, I have a small garden snake that has made his home in the flower bed out front, I have a lot of rocks there, he suns himself in the grass at the edge, I just leave him alone, but if I'm weeding there I make a lot of noise, don't like to be startled! Now had he been a large fellow, I would have freaked out !

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Anything that creeps along scares me. I had bought an older house in MN that had a crack in the foundation line. next to my basement TV room. I didn't know about it until a year later, after a heavy rain. I was moving a sofa to vacuum behind it and OMG they were coiling in that corner next to the wall that was next to the crack. I screamed and ran away. My old man came to the rescue. He whacked them with a machete, then cleaned up the mess. I didn't come close to that room for months, until after a contractor was hired to plug up their entrance, and discourage anymore nesting along the house with a french drain, whatever that was. TX was no better in term of snakes. But I made sure there were no basement in any house I was buying. I was doing my own gardening until one day a slithery green thing appeared. That ended my gardening career. I only tended to my rose bushes and the little flower bed at the edge of my lawn , where there's no thick foliage. The rest of the stuff was given to the wonderful Mexican gardening team.
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I did really well tonight, now I will wait and see if tomorrow numbers will help me.
I had a coyote in my back yard last night which is unusual where I live, but I am near a lake so maybe that is why and there are more houses going up around me.
I think he was after my feral kitties but I chase him out of my yard. I keep my garage door open about a foot for the kitties to go in when it is raining, so after the coyote I decided to close my garage door, and about hour ago, I went out to get my mail, and found a baby opossum in my garage inside a old carry cage I had set up. He/she was dehydrated so I got some water and food. He/she seems okay but I feel bad, because I should have checked and I didn't. I will go out later and check on the opossum and I left a foot opening of my garage door.
See you all tomorrow. Stay, healthy, safe and strong.
Charonanne E Kading
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I got 4 numbers and they did match up for the Large Frame.

Honored Social Butterfly

WOW! What a great start I got off to in the bonus game. I got 1 number in the middle where I didn't need it. LOL

Good luck everyone.

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