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Thurs March 26th Bonus Game Continues

Hi Everyone, Good Thursday to all, nice again today, a good day for a walk, but was busy inside.

Here are your numbers for today>


B-7  N-33  N-40  G- 53 



I-20  B-11  I-30  N-37  


O-64  O-74  G-47  B-1


Good Luck, I'll be back in a bit, Jen

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Day late sorry - couldn't get signed on last night. Still missing a few for my E. See you to night - stay well 

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Not Easy. Still needing 6 and one more day to pin hope on.
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I got two today but still need two on top and the entire bottom, so far my E what there is of it won't even stand up. We had another day in the 80's but we stayed inside.

Everyone try and stay healthy and goodluck.

Honored Social Butterfly

Seems today was a good day for house cleaning for some of us, all the numbers I got today didn't match up for the letter E.

Recognized Social Butterfly

My computer is moving slow today like me. I did do some housecleaning. Well I have the back of the E and the middle, but lack the top and bottom .
It was another nice day.
Stay safe and healthy.
Charonanne E Kading
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