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Thurs March 25th WELCOME to the BONUS GAME

Hi Everyone, It was a good night for Bingo last night, we had 4 Winners, convertiblegal, prisonnurse, theSuzyQ, and ladyfox, WAY TO GO Ladies !

We start the Bonus Game, we are playing Mini Full House mini-full-house.gif .

Here are the numbers for tonight>


N-37  N-43  B-15  G-49  G-57


B-3  B-11  I-22  I-29  G-54


O-63  O-74  G-47

Good Luck, I'll check back in a bit, Jen

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Is there a prize for "No Hits"? 😂

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Yes, an EGG 🤣

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congrads all winners last night

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Thanks my proof reader, I edited my post, That extra 21 should be I-22, my bad !

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Well I did get a number after all I - 22 thanks proof reader😊

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Hi Jen. This is your proof reader.  I21 made the typeset yesterday. 

This is your milkmaid.  Can we get a replacement please? Hopefully it's the one everyone needs.

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Thanks proof reader I got a number after all.😊

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You got it, see my post, Jen

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Had some great weather today no rain so far, I didn't get not one number I needed for this game.

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Good evening everyone. I got two whole numbers, heart be still LOL. I went to my cardiologist today and the results of my echocardiogram says I need a heart catheter, with a possible stent.

So that will be my next step. I had a stent put in 2005, so I guess after 16 years I am due for another.

There were some very loud thunderstorms and tornadoes last night, and my kitties spent most of the time in the tornado closet or under the bed. They did manage to wake me up for breakfast this morning by being nose to nose.

You all have a great night and stay safe and healthy. 

Charonanne E Kading
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Jen usually calls this 'a mini full house', just so you aren't wondering if it has a name.

Gorgeous day today, took almost all day, but we made it to 88.

Good luck everyone.

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