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Hi Everyone, It's nice and sunny now, but was overcast for most of the day, kind of iffy about the rain, we shall see.

Here are the numbers for today >


B-15  B-2  I-21  I-19


N-43  N-31  G-53  G-50


O-70  O-72  B-11  I-26


O-65  N-33  G-47  G-59


GOOD LUCK, I'll be back soon, Jen bingo-8.jpg

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Of the 16 numbers called today, I got one on the O line.  The other one got lost in the middle.  It's OK.  It was not wanting to play Bingo anyway.


Weather wise, we have had rains for at least a week now.  Two days ago, it was  pouring heavily onto the Ko'olau mountain range, the bigger one of the two mountain ranges on Oahu.  All that water seeked  lower ground through the existing streams which all end in the ocean.  Naturally, right?  However, if a huge amount of moisture laden clouds decide to empty themselves on the mountain tops, the quiet streams would swell into ferocious vessels of water, gaining speed and force as they roar down the mountain slopes.  By the time they reach coastal communities, they cause flash flood, tearing down everything in their new path and taking out to sea.  We lost at least one person in that swift rolling water.  There were so much debris in the chocolate water. Someone heard a scream, saw a raised arm and that was it. The water moved so very fast that it would have been very tough to rescue.  Many properties near the streams sustained heavy damage.  The saddest thing is that we are in a pandemic and high unemployment.  These rural communities mostly relied on homegrown stuff for food.  Everything was gone with the mud!  And whatever housing units  that survived the flash flood were soaked in that muddy water.  The weather man says that more rain is expected now into the next week.  Although it's not forecasted to be as much as a couple days ago, the ground is so saturated that mud slides are very possible with even a medium size rain. 

As you can see, we get all kinds of visitors to the islands, including the overwhelming and unwanted varieties. 

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Ladyfox, it isn't you, I never sign out and quite often I can't post until I sign in, and it is a pain in the backside. We had a nice day today and I found some ambition, I went to Walmart for a few things, stopped at the pet store to buy Samson some food and dropped off a ton of things at the hospice shop that I had been putting off for so long. Now I just have to find some more ambition and take a few things to storage. First things first though as I have an eye doctor appointment tomorrow.

I am in need of four more numbers yet. So good luck everyone we are down to the wire.

Honored Social Butterfly

Sassilady it really is a pain because I don't sign out 🤷

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Have they done something again because everytime I come here I have to login all over again and I haven't signed out of my account. I'm still in need of 2 more numbers.

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Good evening everyone.  The weatherman said it is going to be warm today, well he was wrong. I have to admit I didn't have to wear a heavy coat, but it was cloudy and windy and cool, no warmth at all. There are storms on the way, should be arriving late tomorrow or Saturday.

I have two kitties that are giving me the evil eye for food, so I better go and feed them. You have a great night, and stay safe and healthy. 

Charonanne E Kading
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For the Bonus Game for the rest of the week do we continue with the letter “O” or go back to regular BINGO?

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Linda we continue with the O until someones wins, if someone wins before the week is out Jen gives us another bonus game. Each Monday is beginning of a new Regular game of bingo.

Charonanne E Kading
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Thanks for answering Linda's question prisonnurse, that was nice.

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