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Hi Everyone, Snow stopped last night, some areas got 4 inches, some got two, woke up to 18 degree temps, warmed up some in the afternoon and melted some of the roads in town,it was one of those if anything wrong is gonna happen it does.. started to the postoffice this morning, just had to g, out of the driveway ok, but could not get up a hill, did not have the truck in 4 wheel drive, and I wanted to turn right, but nooo, stopped the truck, and was trying to remember how to get it into 4wheel, two trucks were in the lane I wanted to turn on, I signaled to them, a very nice man got it into 4wheel drive for me, and even held my arm so I wouldn't fall getting into the truck! Made it to the gas station and post office , and I got home fine, the main road in town was better! GEEZE!

Ok Here are your #s for tonight,


I-30  G-59  O-71  N-45  B-1


N-39  I-25  B-9  O-61  G-53


B-15  N-31  G-50


Good Luck, I had a lot of luck today, considering what could have happened, at home here about an hour ago, I was hanging a photo, underneath a deer skull that hangs above, I know this wall is not so sturdy, so I was hanging onto the skull so it wouldn't jar off while I hammered, guess what , the **bleep** thing attacked me, jared off, and one of the horns caught me above my left eye, course it bleeding like crazy, running into mt eye, a lovely little puncture wound just above my eyebrow! Well cold water, antiseptic, and one painkiller, andI'm good to go, however and inch lower and it would have been my eye...So yes I was lucky, NOW the darn deer skull is securely attached to the wall. ! one of those days..I'll be back soon, Jen 

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Thanks ladies, I promise to be more careful, should have listened to that small voice telling me to take the deer skull down before I started hammering ! Lol

Why do we often times ignore that small voice inside our head ?

See you all tomorrow, Jen

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That deer skull must have waited a long time to get back at you for putting it up there, Jen ! I also like Sassilady's assessment of your day adventures. A damsel you're not, but in distress you were. Take care.
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Let's see if I am right here, you were in town picking up men and then you came home and got beat up by a deer skull. My what an adventurous day you had! LOL!

Hope I at least put a smile on your face. So now on the serious side it was nice of that man to help you out and I am glad the deer didn't do worse damage. You need to be more careful.

As for bingo I got a couple but need four more.

Try and stay safe and no more adventures.

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Holy crap Jen - you are one lucky lady - so glad there are still nice people out there to help - bless him.  We had 67 degrees here today - sorta crazy.  Just 1 for me tonight

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Jen it sounds like you had a very adventurous day. I am glad that nasty deer horns didn't do too much damage. I bet you have a black eye tomorrow.
Tonight was the most numbers I got, and helped, but I think someone will get a win before me. See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
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Wow Jen, I'm glad it didn't hit your eye, good there was someone to help you with the truck. I got 3 more numbers need a few more

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OMG Jen..that's awful and I hope your injury heals soon..keep a watch on it...You were lucky to have the assistance of that truck driver...God Bless Him...The numbers are coming slow on this card...perhaps tomorrow . We got around 12+ inches of snow and it's freezing out with the wind blowing...I don't intend to venture out until tomorrow and hopefully the sun will be shining to help melt some of this white stuff..Stay safe ...
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