Honored Social Butterfly

Thurs Feb 27th Our Bonus Game Continues

Hi Everyone, Warmed up today, the snow is pretty much gone, but the cold winds are blowing, March is in a hurry !

Here are the numbers for tonight>


I-19  I-26  G-60  G-54


N-36  N-42  B-8  B-15


O-64  O-73  N-38  I-29


Good Luck, I'll check back soon, Jen

Regular Social Butterfly

I totally misplaced a bingo day this week. Yesterday, to be exact. The good thing was the "extra" numbers I didn't count on having. Will "C" if I can "Ceal" the deal tomorrow.
Honored Social Butterfly

I managed to get 2 numbers in the right places today.

Another cool one, only made it to 58 and was really windy.

A great day it was as the man came to install the new front door.

Gotta run, dinner is ready. Good luck everyone.

Esteemed Social Butterfly

It was nice here I got to wash my truck today which hadn't been washed since December because of the rain. My numbers today didn't match the letter C at all.

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