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Hi Everyone, A nice sunny day here, it even got up to 21, yea, better than those single digits !

Speaking of digits, here are the numbers for tonight>


B-14  B-8  I-19  I-28  B-5


N-31  N-44  G-56  O-62


O-75  B-11  N-34  O-68


Good Luck, I'll be back in a bit, Jen

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Hello ‘Bingo Buddies’,

I’m finally getting on here as I’ve been on a ‘mad-glad-sad-emotional roller coaster ride’, as Milliannie described BINGO to be. You see, my mom fell in her nursing home room a few days ago, broke her hip and was moved to the hospital today. She took a turn for the worst as other complications arose. We saw her for the first time since spring due to COVID no visitor restrictions at the nursing home. She is currently receiving Palliative Care. At one point today my four siblings and I were with my mom and the priest at her bedside; at another my 3 children and their cousins were with their ‘Gram’; our spouses were there. My mom’s 3 living sisters were having a ‘sister’ day and were able to come see her together. Two are waiting in heaven. Her brother made it too. My mom’s current husband was there (My dad passed away 24 years ago). I know she felt the love. I held her hand and said, “Mama, it’s your baby girl.” And she said, “Mama”; as clear as can be.

On the wall in both her rooms (she was moved to a private room) today was the same painting of the exact location of our family cottage and Mom’s last ‘home’ before going in the nursing home. My niece painted the same exact picture. Just TODAY hers sold on Etsy after being there for 5 years! Just last week I sent a daily devotional book that my mom gave me many years ago to my daughter who is away at college. I wrote underneath where my mom had written to me and dated it 2/2021. I truly believe in ‘signs’.

I am sharing because I feel comfortable with my BINGO ‘Family’ and others in the AARP Community I have come to ‘know’. I apologize if I have made anyone uncomfortable by being too personal. As for the weather, we did get some of Jen’s sunshine sandwiched between snow fronts and no warmth like Millieannie! I’m thinking of all of you, especially Charonanne and her state’s neighbors. I didn’t make BINGO nor the letter “O”, but I’ll continue on this roller coaster ride called, “LIFE”.


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There you go again Jen, side stepping the numbers on my card.  Either that, or you have a really good 6th sense to keep the bingo game alive for another day.  And I understand completely.  But, it doesn't make it easier to see the neighbors of my needed numbers pass us by 😣.  And that's all part of bingo, this mad-glad-sad emotional roller coaster ride.  I just love our bingo bunch.

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Hi everyone, we had a sunny and warm (83) day here, but tomorrow they say it will be a high of 66 maybe, and Saturday in the 50's. The joys of Mother Nature.

Good luck everyone.

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Good evening everyone. I can tell the cold weather is getting to my brain, because when I saw Bonus Game, my thoughts were, "who won", then I realized that the game started yesterday.

This morning started out at 19 but made it up to 30, but the air is still cold. The sun helped to melt more snow, which helped me, as I have not be able to get to my mailbox or get my newspapers that were laying in the driveway.

If you have been watching the news you all know how bad it is with no power or water here in Texas. Fortunately for me I never lost power, but did not have water for one day. Now I am boiling water for awhile.

I got a few more numbers tonight but didn't help. You all take care and stay safe and warm and healthy.

Charonanne E Kading
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I've been dealing with ice, snow and now power outage but I do have running water. Had to sit in my truck to charge up my phone.. I did get a couple of the numbers I need for letter O.

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