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Thurs Feb 13th Welcome to the Bonus Game!

Hi Everyone, We had three Winners last night, SassiLady, lynnie39 and Mary Riley.

It's 17 degrees out, snow covered and pretty as a picture, but not fit for man, women or pets outside..

We start our Bonus Game, we are playing>letter-O.gif HERE ARE YOUR NUMBERS FOR TONIGHT.


B-12  B-8  I-26  I-30


N-32  N-43  G-51  G-60


O-65  O-71  N-38  G-59


Don't know whats going on with my font size..hope you can read this, I'll check back soon, Jen


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Congratulations to all of yesterday's winners ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ‘ I got 1 number today and wait and see if the other 4 come my way tomorrow.

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Thanks convertiblegal, I like the frogs.


Jen I don't know what you did but your post kept shrinking.


Miliannie, I am right behind you needing six so don't feel too bad.

Good luck everyone, and Jen you stay inside where it's warm and safe.



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Ok Bert, this is better, I think my keyboard needs a good cleaning,lol, see you tomorrow, Jen

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Just wanted to wish everyone an early "Happy Valentine's Day" enjoying weekend with friend. Please sign me up for the next game. thumb-1920-705112.jpg

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Hey Convertible Lady, you jumped the gun this week. We still have another bingo call for scanning our numbers. It's Thursday where I live. Of course, I would be wrong if you're in Southern Hemisphere.
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Great job, bingo winners!
Oh, this bonus game will stump quite a few of us. I might lead the pack with wanting 6. So don't follow me if you want to win this bonus game!
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