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Thurs Aug 15th Welcome to the Bonus Game

Hi Everyone, We had three Winners last night, Donna, Fayesplace, and miliannie ! Way to Go ladies !

Tonight we start the Bonus Game> #Hash Tag Bingo >


Here are the numbers>


B-1  B-11  N-33  N-42


I-20  I-29  G-53  G-47


O-61  O-75  B-5  B-8


This can be a tough one, Good Luck, I'll check back soon, Jen

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Thank you all for your kudos on my winning yesterday. Congratulations to Donna and Faye on winning the bingo, too. If you two can pull it off again, do it. I can't today as I still need plenty. Maybe someone else can step up. Good luck all.
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thanks all congrads to donna and miliannie
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Congratulations to Donna (again), Fayesplace and Miliannie on their wins last night.

I am ever the optimist but this week my glass is half emptyl. LOL! Still need 8 more numbers. No Jen, not really a tough one but darn near impossible. LOL!

Good luck everyone.

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Congrats to our winners. Tonight is the most numbers I have got all week.
See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
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Congratulations ladies 🎉🎉 I got only 1 number today.

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