Honored Social Butterfly


Hi everyone,rain and spitting snow,can't seem to make up it's mind.

We had 3 winners last night,vexed,convertiblegal,and miliannie.

We finish the week with a coverall.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

B-15 I-26 N-32 G-60 O-75

G-54 N-42 B-5 I-18O-63

B-3 G-47 B-11

Good Luck,I'll be back soon,Jen



Hey congrats to all the winners! Only 5 numbers tonight.....7 more for a full card so I know I am not winning this week lol 🤣

Regular Social Butterfly

5 more to go for me too.  Good luck everyone.


Maybe tomorrow Jen will give us an extra number to replace the second O61 called yesterday. 

(That sentence above just reminded of a flower called Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.  Anyone's familiar with this blue beauty?)


Honored Social Butterfly

Congrats again to our Winners 🎉🏆 I need only 5 more numbers for the Cover All..... good luck 🤞

Social Butterfly

I didn't get any numbers tonight. That's ok, I got a win last night. Glad someone is getting rain (just hope not too much). We can't get any rain here now, only wind. Good luck to all.

Honored Social Butterfly

Okay I guess I am early and also a mile away from a full card. We had rain today, in spurts. One came at about 8 this morning and was a torrential downpour, then the sun came out. About 1 pm we had a couple of sprinkles then about 5:30 we had another torrential downpour, now the sun is out again. Can't figure it out.

Good luck everyone.

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