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Thurs April 23rd Welcome To The Bonus Game

Hi Everyone, We had four winners last night, SassiLady, ladyfox58, convertiblegal, and FAYESPLACE.

Tonight we are playing>      The letter E .Here are the numbers for tonight,


G-46 G-54 B-7 B-15 O-73


I-19 I-27 N-31 N-33 I-23


O-71 O-65 B-1 G-59 N-44


Good Luck, I'll check back later, Jen


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With all the days alike within the walls of my place I somehow forgot bingo yesterday. But four winners didn't! Congratulations ladies.
I seem to have a better day today. Maybe because I completely changed my outfit this morning and managed to have a slightly different hair do. My bingo card got the hint and is doing better today too.
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Thanks for all the kudos everyone. I did get a few tonight and still need that many more.

I think I am getting bored, I was falling asleep over a crossword puzzle today. I don't go out everyday but this is getting tedious as I really need my hair trimmed, well it needed trimming a few weeks ago but now it needs more than a trim.

We had a small storm before dinner and my dil says it is supposed to rain all day tomorrow and into Saturday. The grass is growing as fast as my hair.

Good luck everyone.l

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Congratulations to the rest of yesterday's winners 🎉 I got some some numbers waiting on a few more, it was nice and sunny here today.

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Congrats to all our winners. It was another sunny warm day. Had a nice visit via Zoom from my seniors who get together for exercise today.
I went to get groceries, very early this morning and they was hardly anyone there, which was good.
Well my tummy is telling me to put food in it, I am treating myself to a very big bake potato with as much stuff I can put on it.
See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
Bronze Conversationalist

Congratulations to all the winners yesterday.  OK, Jen you've got me down to 2 numbers.  NO repeat performance of last week.  Take care and I'll check on your tomorrow.  Woman Happy  Michol

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