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Hi Everyone, A sunny day, yea !

Posting a little early. my neighbor is helping me outside.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

I-23  B-2  G-48  N-32  O-66

B-14  I-25  N-37  G-55  O-73

N-44  B-6  I-29

GOOD LUCK, I'll check back soon, Jen.

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Thought there would be a winner today. Not here. I too have hair styled by wind. I don't even bother with brushing my hair anymore. If you use hairspray, everyone thinks you are a punk rocker. 😊

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Had a very nice sunny day today, I got 3 more numbers scattered around.

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Our roller coaster weather is on the down road again, it's 74 right now and it was a very, very windy day today. Wow, go outside and when you get to the car you have a whole new hairstyle. LOL. I do have a very empty card, no Bs, Ns or Gs and no waits either. Good luck everyone.

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This is my 4th try to post something.  I had to sign in multiple times because I messed up my pass word.  Picky, picky over an upper and a lower case letters.   Now that I am in the forum, I forgot what I was going to post. Al who?  Don't know him.  Sounds  German to me.  Speak-easy French?

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Good evening everyone. My numbers on my card look lonely I guess it is because I have more empty spaces then covered ones. 

It has been very windy and cloudy today. There is a cold front coming through around 3 a.m. with winds up to 75 mph. which means my kitties will be hiding. The rain hopefully won't be too bad, and it will just sail on through.

I get my booster shot on Thursday morning from my doctor's office, which means I won't be feeling too well Thursday or Friday, but I don't care because I will be protected and can now be around my family for the holidays. 

You all take care and see you tomorrow. 

Charonanne E Kading
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@jen43 I’m glad you had sunshine! ☀️ It rained here ALL DAY LONG and it’s STILL raining! I’m looking for one number in two different places. Good luck everyone.  

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