Honored Social Butterfly


Hi Everyone, Gee it's almost December, are we ready for that?

Here are the numbers for tonight>

N-37 G-51 B-2- O-71- I-23

B-7 I-28 N-40 G-53 O-75

I-16 N-32 G-58

Good Luck, I'll be back soon, Jenbingo-8.jpg

Honored Social Butterfly

Oh my, I am waiting in five places. We may have a whole bunch of winners tomorrow. A zoo here at our house, 4, 5 & 12 year old as their mom is in the hospital getting them a new brother. Good luck everyone.

Regular Social Butterfly

WHAT! No one yelled Bingo?  Wish I could.  Tomorrow, I hope I can hop on the Wednesday Wagon of Winners.  Good luck everyone.

Social Butterfly

🎉I got more than one number. Yippy! You will have an interesting day @prisonnurse06 . I agree with you @ladyfox58 , but once in a while it draaaaggggggged. 😊

Honored Social Butterfly

These months just flew by so fast, I got 5 numbers today and nothing is connecting like I want it to... Good luck to the rest of you 🤞

Recognized Social Butterfly

Good evening everyone. The day started out cool but now it is warm and 72. Today I went to various places leaving the catalogs for our Community College classes for the Spring. 

Tomorrow is registration day for those classes so that is what I will be doing is registering students.

As close as I am to a bingo I know someone out there has one. See you all tomorrow, and have a great night.

Charonanne E Kading
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