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TUES March 30th Our Bingo Game Continues

Hi Everyone, A little overcast here today. no rain yet, but I'm thinking maybe..

Here are the numbers for today >


B-7  N-33  I-23  G-52  O-66


I-27  G-50  N-39  B-4  O-61


N-43  O-74  B-9


Good Luck, Back in a bit, Jen

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WTG LadyFox.  I have some good hits today.  Hopefully, they will help me win the bonus game. 

I'm watching the resurgence of Covid cases in dismay.  We're sick and tired of social distancing.  I get it.  But why chance hospitalization when the vaccine is coming to everyone by end of summer? 

Honored Social Butterfly

Wow, looks like we have a winner, congratulations to ladyfox on getting the four corners.

I got 2 more numbers and they weren't any help so on to the bonus game.

Good luck everyone.

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Good evening everyone. Congrats too ladyfox58 for her win. That was a quick regular game. 

Today it has been sunny and warm but there is rain around and some dark clouds, but the weatherman has assured me that it will hit east Texas.

Between Monday and Tuesday I got a total of 6 numbers. 

Today I went back to exercise class after being off for almost 6 weeks, and I feel good, I thought I would not be able to handle it but surprised myself.

You all take care and see you tomorrow, stay safe and healthy. 

Charonanne E Kading
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Jen I have 4 corners on Card # 46 B - 9, 7 and O 63, 72

Gold Conversationalist

congrads ladyfox

Honored Social Butterfly



bingo%20trophy%20new.jpg YOU ARE THE 1st WINNER !

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