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Hi everyone.

Well it's not as hot as yesterday, but still need the AC.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

B - 11 - I - 21 - N - 39 - G - 51 - O - 67 

G - 48 - N - 43 - I - 27 - B - 13 - O - 70 

I - 29 - O - 73 - B - 4 

Good Luck, I'll be back soon,Jen

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Only 2 numbers for me today.

Honored Social Butterfly

I had four again tonight and now I need one number for a bingo on a five number line, bummer. The weather man goofed again it's 7pm here and 92 outside, so much for those 80 degree temps. Good luck everyone.

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Good hot evening everyone. Right now it is 107 feels like 112. No rain please we need it. The rain is around us. The high pressure extends from west coast or should I say almost half of the States.

Jen like last night you are teasing me with these numbers. You get me all excited and then leave me hanging with one open space. 

Update on my youngest son who will be 48 in a month was told yesterday that he has heart failure along with his stroke. He has a blood clot in his left ventricle and as my son tells it just hanging there with a piece broken off and that piece is what caused the stroke. He is on blood thinners and fluid pills. He has gained 15 pounds and his hands, feet and legs are swollen. The cardiologist wanted to put him in the hospital and observe him for the next few days to see if the medication is working and my son panic. He goes back on Thursday and if no improvement he goes to the hospital. I just wish my son could get a break. I did remind him that I have heart failure and have had several heart catheter and still here, but that doesn't help him. 

You all take care and stay cool. 

Charonanne E Kading
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Keeping you & your son in my prayers 

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Saying prayers for good news for your son.



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when or if you all reading this take a moment to put prayers for those here. we could use some extra thanks

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At least one number per column got daubed. That's on the positive side.  On the negative side, nothing's close to a bingo. The Bingo Fairy is being picky, picky picky.


Whelp, I finally had more than 3 or 4 numbers 😁 tonight I am pleased to say I had 6 😃

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