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Hi Everyone,Heard from SassiLady a while ago,she had a fall at home and has a fracture  no broken bones,they are doing therapy and she will not be here this week, and does not know about next week,keep her in your thoughts,We wish you a speedy recovery my friend!

Here are the numbers for tonight>

G-56 B-13 I-24 N38 O-62

I-21 N-45 B-7 G-54 O-68

N-32 G-50 O-74

Good Luck,Looks like our area is going to have a repeat of last week's storm.

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So sorry to hear @SassiLady . Hugs. I hope your recover soon. Hey @jen43 , can you play her card for her. 

Congrats to @im2bizzie  on the early win.


My internet slowed down so much yesterday, that nothing would completely load after 5. Good luck to all on the bonus game. 

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Oh my gosh - so sorry @SassiLady - prayers coming your way. 


Oh wow, @SassiLady I am so sorry to hear this! God speed healing to you!


I got 6 numbers tonight and was able to pull out a bingo from it all under the I's.


@jen43 I have a bingo on Card #162 I 24, 17, 21, 28, 26

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Hi,as you can see this is late.

bingo%20trophy%20new.jpgWAY TO GO! im2Bizzie!


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Good evening everyone. Prayers to @SassiLady  and positive energy to help you recover. 

It seems all the bragging I was doing yesterday about my numbers has cost me today. I only got two.

I also will be getting a snow/sleet storm tomorrow and the rest of the week doesn't look any better weather wise.

I guess March is trying to come in like a Lion, which means she will go out as a lamb hopefully.

You all take care stay safe and warm. 

Charonanne E Kading
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I am so sorry to hear that. Prayers for a speedy recovery @SassiLady !! 


The wind is trying to blow my roof off tonight. Big storm headed our way.


Stay safe & warm @jen43 



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Speedy recovery SassiLady.  A fall for anyone in our age group is almost as scary as the letter C for all.  When you're better, do tell us how you manged to fracture your pelvic area. Meanwhile, do what the doctors tell you. Hugs and prayers!!!

I'm practicing patience.  Only two hits today means more hits tomorrow onward.

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miliannie,Hi Im sure I misspelled so I edited my post and took that out,I was trying to write down what she told me, but you know me, will get the full story tomorrow,lol

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