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Hi Everyone, It is bitterly cold here,22 degrees..

Brrr, I really dislike the cold !

Here are the numbers for tonight>


O-69  N-31  B-5  I-19  G-48


N-34  B-12  G-57  I-21  O-66


B-10  I-29  O-73


Good Luck, I'll be back soon,Jen

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Morning - boy I know what you mean it’s cold - haven’t been able to get out & walk lately. Only a couple more numbers today - nothing special.

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Gosh my numbers are all over the place maybe something will connect soon I hope 😀

Honored Social Butterfly

Well my card is now half full and I still don't have a bingo, I am closer though as I have a wait. I will be surprised if someone doesn't hit tonight.

Good luck everyone.

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I'm having a G withdrawal.  Not a single G in two days!

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Thanks Jen. As close as I am to getting a bingo, that means someone out there in Bingo Land is closer, so maybe bonus time tomorrow.

It was cloudy here today and expecting rain tonight, with the week ending with some snow.

I looked outside and there are very dark clouds, so I rushed out to get my garbage can, and is it ever wind. Take  care, and stay safe and healthy.

Charonanne E Kading
Honored Social Butterfly

Hi Everyone, That bogus G number last night was supposed to be N-37, my bad !

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